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1. Photos and Pictures 2. In the News 3. Videos & Movie Clips 4. Posts from the Blogosphere
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First, Pictures and Photos

Let's see what Libyan photographers are snapping, clicking and posting around the great nation of Libya, right now!

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Second, Latest News & Views!

Let's see what's happening in and around Libya and stay in quick touch with news, reports and analysis on the top newspapers and journals, as it happens right now!


Third, Of course, Videos & Movie Clips

Let's watch the hottest and some of the most amazing internet videos and movies being uploaded by Libya video buffs! We've already selected some great ones for you, but you can always search for more using the video search box below. To see a video, just click on a video to watch it live right now on this webpage!


Fourth, The Blogosphere

Let's read what citizen journalists and bloggers are writing, commenting and speaking their minds about in these Top Libyan Blog posts about now. You may as well wish to visit one of these great Libyan bloggers and leave a comment there!


Fifth, The Map

Still can't get enough of Libya ? Let's explore what else is there in Libya and learn more about its geography, topography and terrain on this interactive map. To see it bigger, check out our full screen Map of Libya. Meanwhile, Let's Zoom in and out and pan across this Libyan map!

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Full Screen Map of Libya

Sixth... Don't forget Bestselling books

A good book is your best friend! Don't be left out without these great books on Libya! We recommend a wonderful collection, specially selected, and the best discounted prices anywhere on the Internet, because they're directly from - 100% safe and secure! Fill up your bookshelf with these!

Seventh... A little introduction of Libya

Let's listen to the beautiful Libyan national anthem.

The Capital of Libya is Tripoli. A person from Libya is called Libyan.

The Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya or Libya (Arabic: ليبيا, transliterated Lībiyyā) is a country in North Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, located between Egypt on the east, Sudan on the southeast, Chad and Niger on the south and Algeria and Tunisia to the west. Its capital city is Tripoli. The three traditional sections of the country are Tripolitania, the Fezzan and Cyrenaica.

The name "Libya" derives from the ancient Egyptian term "Lebu", referring to Berber peoples living west of the Nile, and adopted into Greek as "Libya". In ancient Greece, the term had a broader meaning, encompassing all of North Africa west of Egypt, and sometimes referring to the entire continent of Africa.

Check out what days and events Libyan people observe for their national & public holidays.

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